Meaning of phagosomal in English:




See phagosome

‘Failure of mycobacteria to survive in the absence of specific iron uptake system suggests the scarcity of this important nutrient in phagosomal environment 59.’
  • ‘Electrons are transferred from cytoplasmic NADPH to oxygen on the phagosomal side of the membrane, generating the so-called reactive oxygen species, e.g., superoxide, hydrogen peroxide, hydroxyl radical, and singlet oxygen.’
  • ‘The lack of urease C allows phagosomal acidification and provides an ideal pH environment for listeriolysin.’
  • ‘The pathogenesis of mycobacterial infection is associated with an ability to interfere with maturation of the phagosomal compartment after ingestion by macrophages.’
  • ‘We next analysed phagosomal pH in wild-type and Rab27a-deficient dendritic cells.’