Meaning of phagosome in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfaɡəsəʊm/


  • A vacuole in the cytoplasm of a cell, containing a phagocytosed particle enclosed within a part of the cell membrane.

    ‘The researchers engineer a BCG strain that secretes the listeriolysin protein, which punches holes in the membranes of phagosomes where M. tuberculosis is located, allowing better T cell-mediated immunity.’
    • ‘The process of phagocytosis continues until the bacterium is completely internalized, surrounded by membrane in the phagosome.’
    • ‘After internalization of organisms into phagosomes, secondary lysosomes are fused to form the complete parasitophorus vacuole.’
    • ‘In the phagosomes, lysosomes are activated and fuse with the apoptotic bodies, bringing on their dissolution.’
    • ‘We developed a method for simultaneous measurement of average extra- and intracellular oxygen concentrations, which also does not require the presence of phagosomes and therefore can be used in any cell line.’