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  • A sequence of real or imaginary images like that seen in a dream.

    ‘what happened next was a phantasmagoria of horror and mystery’
    • ‘Someone had set up a strobe light in the back, so the dancing figures were in silhouette, and their movements appeared to consist of a series of slides; like the images from a phantasmagoria.’
    • ‘NBC producer David Michaels and director John Gonzalez put a phantasmagoria of images up on screen in the more than an hour-and-a-half of the telecast.’
    • ‘These paintings harbour a menagerie of folk-monsters, a phantasmagoria of apparitions that might be beatific angels or might be ghoulish extraterrestrials.’
    • ‘He creates a bad-dream atmosphere, a phantasmagoria of boredom, futile journeys, wasted lives and endless, incantatory meetings.’
    • ‘Mere words could never capture the phantasmagoria of our dreamscape.’
    delusion, illusion, figment of the imagination, vision, apparition, mirage, chimera, fantasy, dream, daydream



/ˌfantazməˈɡɔːrɪə/ /fanˌtazməˈɡɔːrɪə/


Early 19th century (originally the name of a London exhibition (1802) of optical illusions produced chiefly by magic lantern): probably from French fantasmagorie, from fantasme ‘phantasm’ + a fanciful suffix.