Meaning of pharmacopoeia in English:



  • 1An official publication containing a list of medicinal drugs with their effects and directions for their use.

    • ‘The official pharmacopoeia of the London College of Physicians of 1676 gave directions for the extraction of animal reproductive organs as a treatment for numerous illnesses and as sexual stimulants.’
    • ‘A 1929 European pharmacopoeia listed 80 patent medicines whose ingredients were radioactive: they came in the form of bath salts, liniment, suppositories, and toothpaste.’
    • ‘The solution is to develop an official pharmacopoeia similar to the German commission E monographs.’
    • ‘Rouyer published a pharmacopoeia that is of interest to the historian of pharmacology.’
    • ‘This two-volume opus presents the pharmacopoeias of Western Herbal traditions with the symptom pictures of Chinese Medicine.’
    1. 1.1A stock of medicinal drugs.
      • ‘When arrested, Ryder was found to have not only store merchandise in her purse, but a virtual pharmacopeia.’
      • ‘But to dispense is to feel and to feel is an honor, which might just provide a precious second chance at realization and is this not better than any pharmacopoeia?’
      • ‘By modern standards, Civil War pharmacopoeia consisted almost entirely of deadly poisons.’
      • ‘While marijuana isn't included among the 2,000-odd plants and minerals that Kuo keeps in stock, he says that it is nonetheless part of the traditional Chinese pharmacopoeia.’
      • ‘However, the benefits of oral dosing and the lack of any theoretic or known long-term toxicity make them part of the current asthma pharmacopeia.’


Early 17th century modern Latin, from Greek pharmakopoiia ‘art of preparing drugs’, based on pharmakon ‘drug’ + -poios ‘making’.