Meaning of phlebitis in English:


Pronunciation /flɪˈbʌɪtɪs/

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mass nounMedicine
  • Inflammation of the walls of a vein.

    ‘Besides ulceration, lower leg edema can lead to tortuous varicosities, phlebitis, deep vein thrombosis, embolism, and infection, among others.’
    • ‘Additionally, low molecular weight heparin was used in only about 56 percent of patients with blood clots in the legs or phlebitis, an inflammation of the vessels in the legs.’
    • ‘Five surgical patients had wound infections, and an additional five patients had other complications such as phlebitis, hematoma, cutaneous damage, or deep venous thrombosis.’
    • ‘The possible underlying pathology may be diabetes in case 1 and phlebitis associated with chronic orchitis in case 2.’
    • ‘Minor complications, such as entry-site infection and phlebitis, can occur.’


Early 19th century modern Latin, from Greek, from phleps, phleb- ‘vein’.