Meaning of phlebography in English:


Pronunciation /flɪˈbɒɡrəfi/


another term for venography
‘Venous leg ulcers were diagnosed according to clinical criteria and confirmed with duplex Doppler ultrasonography, ascending phlebography, and foot volumetry when the ulcers had healed.’
  • ‘Such algorithms limit the requirement for phlebography and pulmonary angiography to a small fraction of patients suspected of the disease.’
  • ‘Durbec et al found a 6.6% incidence of iliofemoral DVT (3% in control limbs) using phlebography and concluded, in contrast to others, that this incidence was acceptable.’
  • ‘However, this system may be most appropriate for vascular specialists and surgeons due to its complexity and requirement for objective testing using Doppler studies, duplex scanning, plethysmography, and phlebography.’
  • ‘Invasive venous tests can be performed as well, including ascending and descending venous phlebography.’