Meaning of phlebotomist in English:



See phlebotomy

‘The needle was withdrawn and the specimen laid on the phlebotomy tray while the phlebotomist applied pressure to the puncture site for five minutes.’
  • ‘The performance improvement suggestion derived from best and most improved performers was implementation of an institutional policy for phlebotomists to refuse to perform phlebotomy on a patient without a correct wristband.’
  • ‘Lab assistants in many labs today are liaisons to the point of care phlebotomists, usually acting as experts in phlebotomy in health care institutions.’
  • ‘Most outpatient phlebotomy specimens were collected by phlebotomists who worked under the administration of the laboratory.’
  • ‘Phlebotomy is the most common invasive procedure performed on inpatients, and using phlebotomists for case finding adds very little additional work.’