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Pronunciation /flɛɡˈmatɪk/

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  • (of a person) having an unemotional and stolidly calm disposition.

    ‘the phlegmatic British character’
    • ‘If we are as phlegmatic as we like to believe would we revel so conspicuously in our tragedy?’
    • ‘However, he is a phlegmatic character, not fitting the crude European stereotype of a South American, and even in Spain they originally considered his style more North European than Mediterranean.’
    • ‘Not that this is likely to perturb a phlegmatic character whose first start against Rangers feels as if it has been a long time coming, following substitute appearances in the past three derbies.’
    • ‘Bombing his own men and planes was more than even the most phlegmatic observer could stomach, and it looked like the end for him…’
    • ‘He is undoubtedly one of the most phlegmatic sportsmen in the world.’
    • ‘He is also phlegmatic on the subject of his dealings with Hollywood.’
    • ‘It's almost unbelievably fitting that these supremely phlegmatic men live in Spitalfields.’
    • ‘Yet even his phlegmatic character would have been bewildered by the mountain of a task which he had roped himself into.’
    • ‘He was phlegmatic and dutiful, with a wry sense of humor.’
    • ‘It becomes even more acute when viewed through the eyes of phlegmatic observers whose upper lips have been conditioned to stiffness from their earliest years!’
    • ‘Overall, he is phlegmatic about his departure from Goodbody's.’
    • ‘The masculine heroes are phlegmatic, resourceful and stoical.’
    • ‘British governments maintained their phlegmatic calm and resisted provocation.’
    • ‘But while, to the outside world, he appeared as phlegmatic and calmly in control as ever, behind the scenes it was a different story.’
    • ‘The fact that they did so without any great fuss and noise seems to me to be a tribute to the phlegmatic Scottish character and should not be seen as a psychological fault.’
    • ‘Looking back at my review of Mourning Becomes Electra's debut, I notice that I complained of the opera's uncertain dramatic pacing and the music's phlegmatic, anonymous character.’
    • ‘Macha is 145 pounds of phlegmatic composure, a St. Bernard who can't help but look dignified and profound, even when she is waiting for a treat.’
    • ‘But not for Zander, an impressively phlegmatic young character who just takes that kind of publicity in his stride.’
    • ‘‘Obviously I want to play, but I understand the manager's situation,’ was his phlegmatic reaction.’
    • ‘Famous for his well-honed aphorisms, Burt's phlegmatic response to such negative developments was to say: ‘If you don't try things, you're doomed to failure’.’
    self-possessed, composed, collected, calm, cool, calm, and collected, as cool as a cucumber, cool-headed, self-controlled, poised, tranquil, serene, relaxed, easy-going, unexcitable, even-tempered, placid, sedate, phlegmatic
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Middle English (in the sense ‘relating to the humour phlegm’): from Old French fleumatique, via Latin from Greek phlegmatikos, from phlegma ‘inflammation’ (see phlegm).