Meaning of phloem in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfləʊɛm/


mass nounBotany
  • The vascular tissue in plants which conducts sugars and other metabolic products downwards from the leaves.

    ‘The conducting tissues within the vascular bundles are the xylem and phloem.’
    • ‘For the stem, the outermost green tissue, including both phloem and cambium were estimated.’
    • ‘Root tissue samples are hereafter referred to as periderm, phloem and xylem.’
    • ‘Subsequently, this cambium produces both wound xylem and wound phloem and thus contributes to further thickening.’
    • ‘Formation of phloem and early xylem was directly related to fruitlet size.’


Late 19th century from Greek phloos ‘bark’ + the passive suffix -ēma.