Meaning of phone call in English:

phone call

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  • An instance of speaking to someone on the phone or attempting to contact someone by phone.

    ‘he decided to make a phone call to a friend’
    • ‘an hour-long phone call with the prime minister’
    • ‘I got a phone call from my mum this morning’
    • ‘Sometimes even a phone call to the company has not yielded the appropriate information.’
    • ‘Everyone who entered should have received a phone call informing them of audition venues and times.’
    • ‘He would be annoyed if she interrupted him with a phone call.’
    • ‘They also learned how to deliver information to the general public on how to make an emergency phone call.’
    • ‘Since Wednesday, I have been fielding phone calls left, right, and centre from journalists who want me to sensationalize the demise.’
    • ‘Caroline called me to ask why you haven't returned her phone calls.’
    • ‘I received phone calls saying they wanted to talk to me about a private matter.’
    • ‘Many of the major political and financial scandals that dominated newspaper and television investigations in the 1970s and 1980s began with a simple phone call.’
    • ‘Both of you were very generous with your time taking phone calls from around the world.’
    • ‘I got this phone call from the museum saying that I'd been short-listed for an interview.’
    • ‘Talk to your mentors, and take those phone calls from recruiters.’
    • ‘The researchers made phone call after phone call through long days and weekends.’
    • ‘It's very difficult for him to make all the phone calls and talk to everybody simply because he has a lot of farmwork to do.’
    • ‘He started making phone calls the next day.’
    • ‘I got a phone call from my editor, who informed me that the magazine was debuting a new look and format.’
    • ‘Out of the blue, I got a phone call from her saying that Lloyd wanted to talk to me.’
    • ‘Recently, I received a phone call from a dance teacher seeking advice.’
    • ‘The four sat down to dinner when Tom received a phone call, which Daisy suspected to be from Tom's mistress.’
    • ‘Before the first class meeting, I received a phone call telling me there was a homework assignment.’
    • ‘A lot of his former colleagues no longer return his phone calls or meet with him, he said.’
    • ‘I am quite disappointed that you have not been returning my phone calls recently.’
    • ‘I had a smooth recovery, but doctors were too slow returning phone calls.’