Meaning of phone hacking in English:

phone hacking

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mass noun
  • The action or practice of gaining unauthorized access to data stored in another person's phone, especially in order to access their voicemail.

    ‘these claims may now be suspended while the police investigate the alleged phone hacking’
    • ‘If you think that phone hacking is bad now, take a gander at what's coming.’
    • ‘But it seems that the hackers who share this knowledge are still only taking a side glance at the possibilities of phone hacking.’
    • ‘There's something going on here, but I just don't believe it's entirely cell phone hacking.’
    • ‘But he claimed that it was an isolated incident and that he had known nothing about the phone hacking.’
    • ‘"I hope now finally that the police will be able to conduct the full, transparent, and thorough inquiry into phone hacking that we are still waiting for and that the murky truth will come to light."’
    • ‘This, in turn eases phone hacking, so eventually, some of the manufacturers may simply give up and not try too hard to keep control of the handset.’
    • ‘On phone hacking, we believe the police should thoroughly investigate all allegations.’
    • ‘Her claims came after the former home secretary said there may be a need for a police inquiry into mobile phone hacking to be reopened.’