Meaning of phonon in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfəʊnɒn/


  • A quantum of energy or a quasiparticle associated with a compressional wave such as sound or a vibration of a crystal lattice.

    ‘This issue is related to the inhibition of carrier relaxation due to the selection rule of interaction between electrons and phonons in discrete energy level systems.’
    • ‘The broadness of the excited-state manifold is probably due to the strong electron coupling to high-frequency phonons, very recently suggested by Ihalainen et al.’
    • ‘The phonon energies are also quantized in a nanocrystal.’
    • ‘This important spectral region contains material information related to phonons, excitons, and Cooper pairs.’
    • ‘Some of the collision energy can be channeled into a collective shudder of the condensate called a phonon.’


1930s from Greek phōnē ‘sound’, on the pattern of photon.