Meaning of photo session in English:

photo session


  • A prearranged session in which a photographer takes photographs of someone for publication.

    ‘The group photo session reminded the students of a similar session held during the early Seventies on the school premises.’
    • ‘The photo session becomes an artistic co-creation, therapeutic photography and even a sacred ritual.’
    • ‘He was as silent as can be during his interview but perked right up for his photo session.’
    • ‘I have a scale in my studio and every model who I photograph is weighed before a photo session.’
    • ‘I don't feel like I've skied a peak unless I've touched the summit, so it's good to join Carl and Chris at the apex for a brief photo session and look-around - even if it is a bit rushed.’
    • ‘The photo session was just part of the preparations for the Aug. 2 Earth flyby, the first major adjustment to MESSENGER's flight path toward Mercury.’
    • ‘By the time the photo session was over, the prom-goers felt as though their smiles were plastered on their faces permanently and that they'd need massage therapy to relax their cheek muscles.’
    • ‘Gripping my hand, he looks over my shoulder at the departing photographer and gushes: ‘That's the best photo session I've ever had.’’
    • ‘In a photo session yesterday, the 21 leaders posed in traditional Korean durumagi overcoats near Nurimaru APEC House where they held the last day of the summit.’
    • ‘A photo session was on, and this one was special.’
    • ‘The event includes a ‘Casting Call,’ giving guests the opportunity to win a photo session with one of the photographers.’
    • ‘A tricycle taxi from Sarawak offers a fun setting for a photo session before the start of the Colours of Malaysia parade.’
    • ‘On the second day, the APEC leaders are to go through a traditional photo session at the presidential palace prior to resuming talks focused on a string of economic issues.’
    • ‘Woody was missing after the initial photo session.’
    • ‘They're usually expediting, screaming, or pretending to cook when there's a photo session going on - let's be honest.’
    • ‘Lyndon B. Johnson was lambasted when he picked his beagles up by their long floppy ears during a 1964 photo session on the White House lawn.’
    • ‘When the first day had ended, most of the students, and the teachers too, flocked around famous Dewi Yull, waiting for a chance to get an autograph or a joint photo session.’
    • ‘A photo session is to be conducted by the local press in Kilmovee Community Centre on Wednesday at 8.30 p.m.’
    • ‘The wedding on Saturday was great; the registry office ceremony was a short and sweet affair, and was followed by a photo session, which to my surprise took much longer.’
    • ‘Allstars festivities will begin at 10 a.m. with a photo session and driver introductions.’