Meaning of photoblog in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfəʊtəʊblɒɡ/


  • A blog in which the postings are primarily in the form of photographs.

    ‘I'm helping them set up a photoblog which will hopefully give everyone a chance to see some of those amazing pictures’
    • ‘He has just added an excellent tutorial on how to do night photography to his photoblog.’
    • ‘This is a pretty nice photoblog that I found based outta Brooklyn.’
    • ‘He's also a bit of a photography nut (here's his photoblog).’
    • ‘I posted a bunch of new pics over at my photoblog.’
    • ‘So the "photo of the day" concept doesn't do much for me, but maybe the photoblog is a good way to organize work to see what stands the test of time.’
    • ‘I just did some work on the photoblog to make it easier to navigate.’
    • ‘I have created a photoblog.’
    • ‘I am happy to link from here to there, but not vice versa, because I intend revealing the photoblog to family, friends and colleagues.’
    • ‘I was looking through my stats for my photoblog.’
    • ‘If you have linked directly to a picture on this site, or on my photoblog, you will find a blank space where the photo used to be.’
    • ‘We demand that your weblog has a photoblog attached to it.’
    • ‘Update: There are some new images on the photoblog now.’
    • ‘By the way, did you know I have a photoblog where I post photo essays?’
    • ‘I'll take pictures of my day and post in on my photoblog.’
    • ‘A good photoblog is like a good blog.’
    • ‘I think of this weblog as more of a photoblog.’
    • ‘Those of you who have visited my photoblog may think that my passion in photography lies in capturing scenery, landscapes and inanimate objects.’
    • ‘I posted a full size picture over in the photoblog.’
    • ‘There gotta be a few good photoblogs out there, I thought today, and I started looking for them.’