Meaning of photomontage in English:


Pronunciation /ˌfəʊtə(ʊ)mɒnˈtɑːʒ/

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  • 1A montage constructed from photographic images.

    ‘The Wolfsonian exhibition suited its activist-theoretician-artist perfectly, presenting some 100 works, including 21 of Teige's rare Surrealist photomontages as well as posters and book designs.’
    • ‘Known for dense black-and-white photomontages created from photo fragments and imagery from books and magazines, her work has drawn on autobiographical and literary sources, and speaks to her fractured identity.’
    • ‘This exhibition brings together that piece with approximately 25 paintings, drawings and photomontages from 1956 to '77 to contextualize The Rose within her oeuvre.’
    • ‘To make the photomontages, Tuggar purloins images from films, magazines, the Internet and other public sources.’
    • ‘He had his first museum show at the Corcoran Gallery of Art and an exhibition of 34 photomontages and collage constructions at Hemphill Fine Arts.’
    • ‘In 1977 she began using the form for which she is best known - black-and-white photographs or photomontages carrying texts challenging social stereotyping, particularly of women.’
    • ‘David Hockney displayed photomontages that called attention in their works to the process of creation and perception.’
    • ‘Rare photographs, photograms and photomontages by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy (priced between $100 and $200) failed, however, to sell.’
    • ‘It also included video installations by Zhang Peili, Xiang Liqing's elegant photomontages of building facades, and images by Shi Yong, who started digitally cloning himself years before The Matrix.’
    • ‘Four of the works are photomontages composed of an array of images and objects attached to a large sheet of Plexiglas, stained red.’
    • ‘At the Art Students League, he studied under George Grosz, the Dada artist internationally known for his political caricatures, paintings and photomontages.’
    • ‘Over all, the photomontages, which took the place of painting in something like the way functionalist building was supposed to displace fine-art architecture, became for Teige both solace and poetist delight.’
    • ‘In their 1996-97 photomontages, the Luo Brothers, Beijing-based artists who have been collaborating since 1986, appropriate Cultural Revolution icons in order to skewer them.’
    • ‘John Heartfield made bitter photomontages that excoriated the Nazis, for example, turning one into a ‘peaceable predatory fish.’’
    • ‘Her early photo-based works layered image and text; in the mid-'80s she began using digital technology to make photomontages that explore the relationship between power and historical and cultural representation.’
    • ‘A client had built an elaborate Adirondack camp on a local lake and needed compatible framing for some photomontages.’
    • ‘It stands for a belief in system and reproducibility, yet its elements are made to resist systematization in the extreme; Teige's photomontages would make an unwieldy printer's font, for example.’
    • ‘His most recent work is a series of black-and-white photomontages.’
    • ‘In earlier work she delivered photomontages that rewrote the creation myth to suit a lesbian sensibility.’
    • ‘Alexander's photomontages also feature masked or blindfolded youths.’
    1. 1.1mass noun The technique of constructing a photomontage.
      ‘Braun stakes perhaps her most controversial claim for the modernism of Fascist art in her critical discussion of photomontage as a technique.’
      • ‘His work included several propaganda and trade exhibitions, notably the Soviet Pavilion of the 1939 World's Fair in New York, and his dynamic techniques of photomontage, printing, and lighting had wide influence.’
      • ‘He is a Scottish-based visual artist who creates socially and politically engaging work using collage, photomontage, installation, sculpture, printmaking and interactive digital imagery.’
      • ‘Yet one never quite knew why this nonbuilder who had set out to be a painter, then studied art history, became an editor, and took up graphic design and photomontage, was so pertinent to functionalism.’
      • ‘The poster for Verräter, for instance, employs photomontage, a technique that German collage pioneer John Heartfield was using quite publicly at the same time to denounce Hitler.’
      • ‘From 1922 his stylistically radical work was put to utilitarian ends, including the design of speakers' tribunes and latterly agitprop photomontage and graphic design.’
      • ‘This article will focus on three different collage techniques: cut paper collage, photomontage, and texture collage and collage construction.’
      • ‘Bearden's liberation came through a medium that combined collage and photomontage.’
      • ‘The Soviet avant-garde experimented with photography, photomontage, film, architecture and design for everyday living.’
      • ‘However, Beaubien is more politically aligned with Dadaists John Heartfield and Hannah Hoch, who used photomontage as an oppositional tool.’
      • ‘A few mainstays, like The New Yorker, remain loyal to illustration, but celebrity-driven photography and photomontage now dominate the covers of magazines that were once illustration-friendly.’
      • ‘Beginning in 1935, poetism seems to have nurtured a category of production in which Teige should be better known as a practicing artist: photomontage.’
      • ‘Others like Mick Duffield in ‘Killing Time’ uses photomontage, collage and video to create powerful and disturbing images for the anarchist band Crass.’
      • ‘The exhibition comprises artwork in many media, including textiles, pottery, feltwork, photomontage, oils and acrylics.’
      • ‘It also has a different, non-surrealist afterlife in photomontage, invented by the Berlin Dadaists and instrumental for the development of Soviet film.’
      • ‘The posters designed by Gustav Klutsis are more unsettling, making use of simple Constructivist designs printed in red and black colours combined with photomontage and bold typography.’
      • ‘The entries reveal the use of a rich variety of media and materials including photomontage, ceramics, recycled wire, dugong bone, bronze, feathers, pandanus fibre, and works on paper, bark and canvas.’
      • ‘Now, some will say it's like juxtaposing avocados and mangoes, this comparison of the creator of photomontage with the Prince of California Pop.’
      • ‘It discusses the development of photomontage as a radical and expressive outlet.’
      • ‘In particular the strength of photomontage as a medium stands out.’