Meaning of phut in English:


Pronunciation /fʌt/

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  • 1Used to represent a sound such as that made by the passage of a bullet or that of a small, muffled explosion.

    ‘Phut! Up went the Roman candles, like distress flares’
    • ‘Mind you, there is also the occasional phut, phut, phut to be heard.’
    • ‘With a phut from the silenced rifle, the 5.56 mm nano-shell entered through the Crab's eye.’
    1. 1.1Used to convey the suddenness of a malfunction, disappearance, ending, etc.
      • ‘we've all been there—you've just spent the last five hours carefully crafting a document and then, phut!’


    go phut
    • Fail to work properly or at all.

      • ‘when the boom went phut, traders were left with sky-high rents and no customers’
      • ‘The engineer relayed this to his colleague as ‘It went phut!’’
      • ‘But the album never got to the stores last spring because 13 Amp went phut.’
      • ‘Each day I would hit the record button, capturing what was fast turning into a comic drama - like when the radios went phut before California, forcing us to land at a small town called Blythe.’
      • ‘Not that they aren't used to the travails of erratic power supply and the lines going phut whenever it starts raining.’


Late 19th century imitative.