Significado de physalis en en inglés



  • A plant of a genus that includes the cape gooseberry and Chinese lantern, having an inflated calyx that resembles a lantern in shape.

    Genus Physalis, family Solanaceae: many species

    ‘Take the physalis (cape gooseberry) I tried raising from seed for the first time this season, for instance.’
    • ‘Sow physalis in heated propagator; plant out shallots; mulch blackcurrants and raspberries; tidy strawberry bed; finish compost trenches on allotment where squash will grow; weed incessantly.’
    • ‘I've also been cheered up by the unexpected emergence of some physalis plants I'd convinced myself had died when I transplanted them.’
    • ‘Pineapples are being grown in Karachi and its environs in increasing numbers so a few of these wouldn't go amiss along with physalis peruviana, better known as either Chinese gooseberry or cape gooseberry.’
    • ‘The fruit, as usual with physalis fruits, is enclosed in a papery thin calyx or husk, which is cream in colour.’



/ˈfʌɪsəlɪs/ /ˈfɪsəlɪs/ /fʌɪˈseɪlɪs/


Modern Latin, from Greek phusallis ‘bladder’ (because of the inflated calyx).