Meaning of physicality in English:


Pronunciation /ˌfɪzɪˈkalɪti/


mass noun
  • 1The fact of relating to the body as opposed to the mind; physical presence.

    ‘there's an emphasis on the physicality of the actors’
    • ‘The corner piece by Beuys does exactly the opposite, saturating physicality with meaning.’
    • ‘The dots break free of the sculpture's physicality.’
    • ‘The video playing in the back gallery rendered palpable the physicality of a young man getting dressed.’
    • ‘Unlike steel, or stone, or wood, the fabric catches the physicality of the wind, the sun.’
    • ‘I still believe in the physicality of the city.’
    • ‘Always the terra-cotta insists on its own physicality, the forms bearing traces of their making.’
    • ‘The sensation of inner physicality in her art also represents a mental or spiritual condition.’
    • ‘He investigated serial constructions, and the physicality of sculpture.’
    • ‘Their physicality seems further diminished by the glass vitrines within which they dangle.’
    • ‘How could I make a provocative image that was about more than just the physicality of the figure?’
    1. 1.1Involvement of a lot of bodily contact or activity.
      ‘the intense physicality of a dancer's life’
      • ‘the sheer physicality of the game means fouls occur at regular intervals’
      • ‘He has both the smarts and the physicality to dominate weaker opponents.’
      • ‘He uses his physicality to dominate in the running game.’
      • ‘The physicality in which he plays was something that you always want to bring to your defence.’
      • ‘He's one cornerback who has the combination of physicality and quickness to do the job.’
      • ‘Their offensive line leaves something to be desired in terms of power football and physicality.’
      • ‘He plays with an attitude, isn't afraid to hit, and can cover bigger receivers because of his physicality.’
      • ‘A mediocre shot and a lack of speed are offset by his physicality and court sense.’
      • ‘Do you think too much physicality has been taken out of the game today?’
      • ‘The physicality of the NBA will be an eye-opener for him.’
      • ‘Due to an absence of overwhelming physicality—he's not too big, too quick, or too anything—he may not be drafted.’