Meaning of phytophagous in English:


Pronunciation /fʌɪˈtɒfəɡəs/


  • (especially of an insect or other invertebrate) feeding on plants.

    ‘This possibility [that catnip may be a defensive substance, protecting the plant against phytophagous insects] was investigated by a series of simple experiments.’
    • ‘Trade-offs exist when two physiological demands are limited by the same resource (e.g., protein in phytophagous insects).’
    • ‘As important as behavioral and physiological alterations are as a means of circumventing toxins, direct metabolic detoxication is arguably the strategy which is the most effective and most commonly employed by phytophagous insects.’
    • ‘It is of interest that a plant native to Eurasia would host such substantial numbers of phytophagous arthropods in North America.’
    • ‘Historically, feeding-induced plant resistance is a well-documented phenomenon for leaf-chewing insects and phytophagous mites.’