Meaning of pianist in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpɪənɪst/

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  • A person who plays the piano, especially professionally.

    ‘They are both superb musicians and pianists able to infuse music with genuine, deeply felt expression.’
    • ‘In general, however, the fantasia became a potpourri of themes from operas compiled by virtuoso pianists as display pieces.’
    • ‘In between he pursued a highly successful musical career as a pianist and composer.’
    • ‘Lessons have enabled her to appreciate the great pianists and the master composers.’
    • ‘It is said that the world's greatest pianists attended Horowitz concerts to witness his legendary feats at the keyboard.’
    • ‘Some pianists tend to perform Mendelssohn's two piano trios as though they were piano concertos.’
    • ‘Many of our members are collaborative artists, either as pianists or vocalists.’
    • ‘It's much easier to appreciate the virtuosity of the pianists, to be sure.’
    • ‘Listening to great lieder singers influenced me more than other pianists because of the song element.’
    • ‘Where power and speed were concerned, few pianists from the past century had a technique to match his.’
    • ‘This article also touches on how knowledge of the piano's working can help pianists avoid physical injury.’
    • ‘This is an excellent resource for piano pedagogy classes and for pianists interested in wellness issues.’
    • ‘At certain times there is live music provided by a pianist or instrumentalist.’
    • ‘When playing fortissimo, pianists should remember that volume is not a function of weight alone.’
    • ‘The studios have pianists and sometimes drummers or other musicians who improvise as the dancers dance.’
    • ‘Turning around a last corner, she finally had a clear view of the piano and its pianist.’
    • ‘A singer, composer and pianist, her music has now spanned over four decades.’
    • ‘What a thrill to see the looks of joy and hope on the faces of the small-handed pianists as they looked up at their professors and peers.’
    • ‘The theatre had a pianist who played music according to what was happening on the screen.’
    • ‘Most important, both pianists splendidly bring out the harmonic adventure of the pieces.’


Mid 19th century from French pianiste, from piano (see piano).