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formal term for piano
‘All daughters were expected to learn the pianoforte - one of the few disciplines, along with sewing, embroidering and housekeeping, that society permitted them to pursue.’
  • ‘Toy musical instruments, including French horns, trumpets, violins, pianofortes, flutes, and drums, numbered 17,622; small horses, horsemen, and soldiers, from drummers to lancers, over 3,000.’
  • ‘He is plagued by his poor relationship with his father who dragged him about Europe as a child performing pieces on cloth covered pianofortes from the age of 5 to his early teens.’
  • ‘It seems she gardens, embroiders, paints, plays the pianoforte and sings.’
  • ‘Quickly standing up, Elizabeth moved towards the pianoforte.’
  • ‘Won't you be a dear and practice the pianoforte for a bit while I show Lord William the lovely new begonias that the butler planted in his spare time?’
  • ‘The room quieted then, as Cordelia stood and took her place beside the pianoforte, ‘Would anyone care to accompany me on the piano as I sing?’’
  • ‘After dinner Marianne is invited to play the pianoforte.’
  • ‘Lotte stood beside the pianoforte, staring at the carpet.’
  • ‘She plays the pianoforte and sings beautifully.’
  • ‘She went to a pianoforte and began to play a few keys.’
  • ‘Artemesia moved to the pianoforte that was along one of the walls, and sat down on the bench, facing away from the instrument and towards Scott.’
  • ‘They chattered politely for a few minutes, and then Will cruelly suggested that Clara entertain them on the pianoforte.’
  • ‘She nodded towards the pianoforte, at Adam and Audrey, and smiled at him.’
  • ‘Anna smiled and walked over to the pianoforte in the corner of the ballroom.’
  • ‘Since their time, the pianoforte has been improved to a high degree of completion.’
  • ‘I no longer ride several times a day, instead I sit and practice my pianoforte and embroider.’
  • ‘There were competition classes for pianoforte, singing, elocution and dancing - tap, character, national and ballet.’
  • ‘The festival includes classes for choirs, vocal solos, duets, groups, pianoforte, strings, woodwind, guitar ensembles, composition, brass and keyboards.’
  • ‘Her interest in teaching and music blossomed and she qualified with a music degree in pianoforte.’



/pɪˌanəʊˈfɔːti/ /pɪˌanəʊˈfɔːteɪ/


Mid 18th century from Italian, earlier piano e forte ‘soft and loud’, expressing the gradation in tone.