Meaning of Picard in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpɪkɑːd/ /pikaʀ/

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  • 1A native or inhabitant of Picardy.

    ‘Henri Matisse, a Picard who abandoned a career in law for art, made his impact at the Autumn Salon in Paris in 1905.’
    • ‘I have many rememberances of a drunken Picard, trying to explain/defend the anomaly.’
  • 2The dialect of French spoken in Picardy.

    ‘Douai did not escape French cultural influence; the shift from Picard to Parisian French in the documentary record is a fairly obvious example, and the penetration of Roman law is another.’
    • ‘However, the same speaker reported that he could not understand his grandmother when she spoke Picard.’
    • ‘Most of them spoke Picard, Norman or Orléanais as well as French.’


  • Relating to Picardy, its inhabitants, or their dialect.

    ‘The three of them are going at it in rapid-fire Picard accents, I can barely understand it so long as I don't attempt to actually speak.’
    • ‘The curve of the Picard horn, described as pringle-like, would also explain why these background blobs are elliptical, rather than circular.’
    • ‘When Guise heard that Henry was moving troops into the suburbs of the capital, he demanded that the Picard garrisons be withdrawn immediately.’
    • ‘I've carefully crafted a Picard ritual for you, my friend.’
    • ‘Nevertheless in April he resumed talks with the League leaders over the installation of royal garrisons in the Picard towns.’