Meaning of pick and choose in English:

pick and choose


  • Select only the best from a number of alternatives.

    ‘he could pick and choose from the world's most beautiful women’
    • ‘It just happens - whatever comes out comes out and then we pick and choose.’
    • ‘But he still liked the idea of being the guy who gets to pick and choose among a bevy of beauties.’
    • ‘We had to sign up to the agreement, we couldn't pick and choose.’
    • ‘A leading connoisseur of bottled water last night advised consumers to pick and choose between bottled and mains water.’
    • ‘They will be able to pick and choose where they operate, while Royal Mail is obliged to keep its universal postal system up and running.’
    • ‘He also said it would be discriminatory to limit the number of fêtes to be held in the area or to pick and choose between fete venues.’
    • ‘Obviously, you have to pick and choose what works for you, but here are the things that I have found really helped me along the way.’
    • ‘She couldn't pick and choose when it was convenient to be with me.’
    • ‘People can now pick and choose between a wide range of ways of getting fit.’
    • ‘Visitors will be able to pick and choose from the hundreds of available careers and training opportunities.’