Meaning of picot in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpiːkəʊ/


often as modifier
  • A small loop or series of small loops of twisted thread in lace or embroidery, typically decorating the border of a fabric.

    ‘a cardigan with picot edging around the neck’
    • ‘‘For women's styles, we are seeing more feminine details, including lace and picot trims,’ he says.’
    • ‘Pin elastic to upper edge of bra right side with plush side facing up and picot edge pointing inward.’
    • ‘So, on Sunday night, I darned in all the ends, did the picot - edged for the bands and did the i-cord button loops.’
    • ‘I have probably about another 6 repeats of the various eyelet rows, then the picot bind-off (fiddly, but fabulous).’
    • ‘I'm working a provisional cast on as I think that I'm going to cast off in a picot edging.’


Early 17th century from French, literally ‘small peak or point’, diminutive of pic.