Meaning of piglet in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpɪɡlət/

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  • A young pig.

    ‘Everyone seems to adore the babies, particular our very young piglets and our ducklings.’
    • ‘For the children a special attraction is the petting zoo allowing them to see and touch foals, piglets, lambs and chicks.’
    • ‘The raptors enjoy a year-round diet of piglets, but also prey on foxes.’
    • ‘It's worth a look, if only to spot the adorable striped wild piglets!’
    • ‘They frequently kill chickens, ducks, and even lambs and piglets.’
    • ‘Children will also delight in the baby piglets, kittens, ducks, and hens that roam free.’
    • ‘Their pigs forage in fields and woods, their sows only produce two litters of piglets a year and pigs are prepared at the farm butchery, so there's no transport of live animals.’
    • ‘Stars of the stamps include a pig and piglets, a Border Collie puppy and a duck and a drake.’
    • ‘The British fox is an opportunist predator, which kills poultry, new-born lambs and piglets, as well as young hares and wild ground-nesting birds.’
    • ‘In many areas where there are feral pigs, wild sows and piglets are captured, male shoats castrated, and then the pigs are housed or penned.’
    • ‘The isolated piglets lost more weight than the transported piglets, and their glucose levels were lower.’
    • ‘Although generating swine clones appears to pose more technical difficulties than bovine clones, once piglets are born, they appear to be healthy.’
    • ‘However, many piglets die from having mommy pig accidentally crush them.’
    • ‘Recent research has shown that yoghurt can cure diarrhea in pigs, one of the main killers of piglets in local farms.’
    • ‘Children can handle and feed new born calves, piglets, goats, lambs, chicks and rabbits.’
    • ‘The only things living were a sow, her piglets, and some hens scratching in the dirt.’
    • ‘Of course, the piglet, like all animal models, has its limitations, including relative developmental maturity at birth.’
    • ‘Over the weekend and during the school holidays families can hope that their chosen piglet crosses the line first in the pig races.’
    • ‘The sow is taken away to be made pregnant again, and is forced to produce as many piglets as possible until she is literally exhausted.’
    • ‘The width at the bottom will let the sow be comfortable when lying down and the piglets will be able to reach the teats.’
    hog, boar, sow, porker, swine, piglet