Meaning of pigmentation in English:


Pronunciation /pɪɡm(ə)nˈteɪʃ(ə)n/

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mass noun
  • 1The natural colouring of animal or plant tissue.

    ‘Progeny plants were scored for pigmentation phenotype and analyzed for genotype using SSR markers.’
    • ‘Increased pigmentation in animals, such as these spots, may be genetic, acquired, or associated with pigmented tumors.’
    • ‘The method does account for any potential pigmentation in the tissue, or for absorbance’
    • ‘This results in a life long slate-grey pigmentation of the tissues.’
    • ‘The plant and seed pigmentation components can be lost independently by mutation or unequal crossing over, leading to different derivatives.’
    • ‘The mutant also has severely reduced growth rates and a distinctive purple leaf colour as a result of increased anthocyanin pigmentation, particularly when grown in soil.’
    • ‘Backcross rats were scored visually for sex, pigmentation, and hair morphology.’
    • ‘Arnold noted that, curiously, many species of parrots that live in rain forests have not evolved fluorescent pigmentation.’
    • ‘The open circles indicate variation of pigmentation inside the phenotypic class.’
    • ‘We think that two risk factors may be the amount of pigmentation naturally occurring in the eye, and dietary elements.’
    • ‘Pigment accumulated throughout the shaft of the silks and was not limited to the silk hairs as is typical of anthocyanin pigmentation.’
    • ‘We did not see a hair phenotype, but a subtle hair pigmentation phenotype would be difficult to see.’
    • ‘We are currently investigating the influence of circulating hormone levels on carotenoid transport and bill pigmentation in this species.’
    • ‘The second part introduces the central theme: the proximate control and signal function of carotenoid pigmentation.’
    • ‘In a number of bird studies, carotenoid pigmentation has been more or less conclusively shown to be a cue for female choice of males.’
    • ‘Black sponges are unaffected by solar UV, due to photoprotective pigmentation.’
    • ‘For instance, plants grew leaves with new shapes, had different pigmentation, or hairy roots.’
    • ‘However there are ways, other than chemical pigmentation, in which organisms can produce color.’
    • ‘The resulting kernel pigmentation phenotype consists of colorless pericarp with red sectors.’
    • ‘The colour itself is anthocyanin, basically the same pigmentation as people can see in the autumn.’
    1. 1.1Abnormal colouring of a person's skin, typically resulting from disease.
      ‘They include skin and mucosal pigmentation, postural hypotension, weight loss, and hyperkalaemia.’
      • ‘The disease should be diagnosed before skin pigmentation, liver enlargement, diabetes, heart failure, or aching joints develop.’
      • ‘The transcutaneous jaundice meter is affected by factors such as gestational age, birth weight, and skin pigmentation.’
      • ‘Increased skin pigmentation may occur with longstanding adrenal insufficiency.’
      • ‘Chronic thickening, dryness, and pigmentation of her skin had developed in areas exposed to the sun.’
      complexion, colouring, skin colour, skin tone, pigmentation