Meaning of piker in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpʌɪkə/

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  • 1North American informal A gambler who makes only small bets.

    • ‘He had a temperament too generous for his occupation as our county's leading piker (my mother insisted to her clients he was a speculator, not a gambler).’
    backer, staker, speculator, risk-taker, better
    1. 1.1A mean or cautious person.
  • 2Australian, New Zealand informal A person who withdraws from a plan, commitment, etc.

    • ‘There were a number of pikers to the dinner, including Mrs Lefty, who was stuck at work doing reports until about 9.30 pm.’
    • ‘It seems rather apropos that everyone else found it too much hassle to enter - pikers!’
    • ‘In terms of brutality, systematic repression, number of killings, relish for torture and sum total of human misery caused, he was a piker next to that tyrant.’
    • ‘I was the ultimate piker, early-nighter, spoil-sport, party-pooper, etc.’
    • ‘Not that that isn't fun, but I'm a first class piker who refuses to do it too much.’


Mid 19th century from pike.