Meaning of pilaf in English:


Pronunciation /pɪˈlaf/

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(also pilaff)
mass noun
  • another term for pilau

    ‘Garam masala is mostly used with meat; to a lesser extent in poultry and rice dishes, such as pilafs and birianis; and only rarely in fish or vegetable dishes, for which its aroma is considered too strong.’
    • ‘The rice pilaf and many-hued grilled vegetables that come with it may not have the wow factor, but they are fresh, wholesome and nicely done.’
    • ‘You can use the leaves with tomatoes, beans, carrots, potatoes, pilafs, pasta salads, baked chicken, roast lamb, grilled meats - even fish and other seafood.’
    • ‘Our meat fondue came with our choice of side dish, Caesar salad, rice pilaf and a baguette.’
    • ‘Toss fresh or dried berries into savory dishes such as salsas, salads, pilafs and couscous.’
    • ‘Rice pilaf flavoured with whole spices completes the meal.’
    • ‘A typical noon meal consists of vegetable and meat stew with a side dish of rice or bulgar pilaf and salad, with fruit for desert.’
    • ‘Slow-cooked grain and rice pilafs, unctuously oily stuffed vegetables, melting stews of meat, vegetable and grain are their stock-in-trade.’
    • ‘I'd serve this with some fragrant rice - a pilaf or something, jazzed up maybe with some orange peel, cloves, star anise, or a cardamom pod - but remember to take them out before you dish it up.’
    • ‘Who knew that while I was eating instant noodles and iceberg salads, other humans regularly dined on grainy pilafs, grilled vegetables and herb-crusted fish?’
    • ‘Enjoy salads, stuffings and pilafs made with half white rice and half brown rice.’
    • ‘Add cilantro to cooked dishes, such as rice pilafs or beans, at the last minute, to preserve its color and flavor.’
    • ‘What I usually do is cook wild rice separately, then add the cooked product to pilaffs, soups or stews.’
    • ‘Swap instant brown rice or whole-grain couscous for white rice in pilafs and stuffings.’
    • ‘Ordered as a full meal, it came with a rice pilaf made with mushrooms, bulging raisins, onions and cauliflower.’
    • ‘Rice pilaf, which sometimes contains currants and pine nuts, is served as a side dish.’
    • ‘The pilaf was prepared with boiled potatoes, which surprisingly adds lightness to the dish.’
    • ‘After a trip to the soup and salad bar for crisp veggies and a savory bisque, you might lunch on two-bean chili with cornbread, then enjoy apricot-honey chicken or tofu with rice pilaf for dinner.’
    • ‘After that came a delicately tender chicken dish, blackened with cumin and tarragon, and a moist, crisp-skinned slab of duck confit, served with whole prawns over a mound of paella-style rice pilaf.’


Early 19th century Turkish pilâv from Persian pilāv (see pilau).