Meaning of pilaster in English:


Pronunciation /pɪˈlastə/

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  • A rectangular column, especially one projecting from a wall.

    ‘He began by adding a light Baroque facade with pilasters and massive fluted columns at the main, upper tier, topped by a balustrade with vases and statues.’
    • ‘The four corners of the facades are accented with tall wooden pilasters, and the two identical front doors with semicircular fanlights are framed by pilasters supporting molded cornices.’
    • ‘A presumably Jesuit ruin, all stone dentil cornices, capitals, pilasters and broken walls.’
    • ‘The company can also supply corbels, brackets, pilasters, columns and fireplaces.’
    • ‘The shallow dome floats over the place, its hovering quality enhanced by the sometimes invisible mirror-glazed pilasters that prop its corners.’
    • ‘It had a red brick (not brownstone) facade, which reflected longstanding Greek revival traditions, and the front doorway was flanked by Doric pilasters supporting a triglyph-adorned entablature.’
    • ‘The twelve-panel front door is surmounted with a transom window and framed by fluted pilasters supporting an open pediment.’
    • ‘On the rear wall is a kind of private chapel, a wall niche framed by pilasters and faced with spandrels with inlaid vegetal ornament, which shelters an altar.’
    • ‘A rather restrained neoclassicism dominates -- long, symmetrical buildings with central porticos, columns, and engaged pilasters, their high-minded decorative schemes picked out in chaste white.’
    • ‘But here he was, seated next to the Queen of England, amid Corinthian columns and gold-enriched pilasters, before a red velvet throne used for the coronation of King Edward VII.’
    • ‘A coin of Augustus shows what is presumably a square superstructure, with arches on the two faces in view, pilasters or columns, and an entablature but no roof.’
    • ‘The new space was panelled throughout, and fluted Corinthian columns and pilasters were added.’
    • ‘Modelled on St. Peter's basilica in Rome, its façade is defined by Corinthian pilasters and a pediment, with a great central dome towering over them.’
    • ‘The original cornice jutted out noticeably much as it does above the pilasters on the fireplace wall.’
    • ‘Ahmed Shah's mosque has original Hindu pillars behind a simple arcaded façade, the central arch of which is flanked by two rather bloated minarets rising from the ground, almost like pilasters.’
    • ‘The bell tower is pointed with four miniature spires and the paired Corinthian columns and the flanking pilasters on either side of the altar are a distinctive feature.’
    • ‘A sound system using beam-steered line-arrays, enabling clear, amplified speech and support for jazz music, is concealed in the pilasters flanking the proscenium.’
    • ‘In 1537 it was ceded to Angelo Massimi, who commissioned Perino del Vaga to paint frescoes on each of the lateral walls and on the pilasters on either side of the entrance.’
    • ‘Peche was able to create this dreamworld by breaking up a wall with a row of narrow windows, by giving the illusion of height with columns and pilasters, and by blurring the borders of a room.’
    • ‘The typical prefabricated full-surround mantel frames the firebox opening with panels, pilasters, or columns and is topped with a shelf.’
    column, post, pole, support, upright, vertical, baluster, pier, pile, piling, pilaster, stanchion, standard, prop, buttress


Late 16th century from French pilastre, from Italian pilastro or medieval Latin pilastrum, from Latin pila ‘pillar’.