Meaning of pill-popping in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpɪlˌpɒpɪŋ/



See pill popper

‘Roy's partner in crime is Frank who puts up with his associate's quirks - which also include agoraphobia, pill-popping and chain-smoking - so long as the money keeps coming in.’
  • ‘He plays Eli Wurman, a pill-popping, worn-to-the-nub New York City publicist whose attempts to arrange a glitzy civil rights benefit become entangled with a scary political cover-up.’
  • ‘Who needs to cosy up to anything that could bring on heart trouble, diabetes or any of those dreaded diseases that shackle you to a lifetime of pill-popping and blood pressure checks.’
  • ‘The present day scenes, meanwhile, show how years of seclusion and pill-popping have left Vinnie and Lanny with bloated faces and deflated egos.’
  • ‘I believe in India, the problem is not with price, but rather the root of this pill-popping disease lies in its availability.’