Meaning of pill popper in English:

pill popper

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  • A person who takes pills freely.

    • ‘The songs address or speak for the usual suspects: has-beens slumped on barstools, oblivion-seeking pill-poppers and heartbroken sad sacks obsessing over ex-lovers.’
    • ‘We feel about our dogs the way pill-poppers feel about Percodan.’
    • ‘The play then follows the fall-out of this revelation as the two sisters (one a soulless pill-popper from LA and the other a unhappily married London mother) argue with each other, their new sister and their somewhat hypocritical mother.’
    • ‘I felt miserable at first, because I had to start taking tablets immediately, and I'm not a pill-popper.’
    • ‘This is a step closer to the truth than the old pill-popper can bring himself to admit.’
    • ‘He became both the beautiful young man deified in airbrushed portraits hanging in countless Fifties-themed diners and the long-past-it jumpsuited pill-popper lampooned in black-velvet paintings.’
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