Meaning of pillicock in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpɪlɪkɒk/


vulgar slang, archaic
  • A man's penis.

    • ‘You talk as if I should open my skirts to anything with a pillicock.’
    • ‘Women who stimulate my brain, stimulate my pillicock and make me aware that I am a man.’
    • ‘Had Gloucester not been so fecklessly led on by his 'Pillicock', there would have been no conception, and so none of the murderous familial world that ensued.’
    • ‘Boy he may've been, but his pillicock weren't.’
    • ‘She had also finally told Tearlach that if he again raised the subject of bollocks or pillicocks in her presence she would have him whipped.’
    phallus, member, male member, organ, male organ, sex, erection


Middle English from a first element perhaps of Scandinavian origin + cock (see also pillock).