Meaning of pillow fight in English:

pillow fight

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  • A mock fight using pillows.

    ‘Find fun activities the entire family can enjoy, like football in the snow, ice skating, skiing, hide-and-seek or a pillow fight.’
    • ‘Then everyone grabbed a pillow and had a pillow fight.’
    • ‘In no time, they were having a huge pillow fight with pillows flying everywhere.’
    • ‘The objective is to bash the boys over the head with pillows thus causing a pillow fight.’
    • ‘With that she smacks David in the side with the pillow and a full-blown pillow fight ensues.’
    • ‘There will be plenty of fun for children with a pillow fight, wellington throwing, hidden treasure, bouncing castles, pony rides, and a wealth of other activities including sport such as a juvenile football match.’
    • ‘He made his first trip to America with the Beatles in 1964, and took the famous picture of them having a pillow fight, which appeared just as ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’ hit number one in the States.’
    • ‘But if they can't manage to work things out, it'll make what's happened so far look like a pillow fight.’
    • ‘It is exactly the sort of song you would listen to while having a pillow fight at a sleep over party (probably after consuming some red cordial and snorting sherbet).’
    • ‘Town leaders want a blanket ban on a mass pillow fight expected in Swindon town centre next weekend, fearing it will promote yobbish behaviour.’
    • ‘The bandmembers also mingle with the crowd until a pillow fight between nubile young ladies breaks out.’
    • ‘Will you wind up best friends and strip to your undies for a pillow fight?’
    • ‘They were totally elated and because they'd had a pillow fight a couple of nights before.’
    • ‘Gina said as she threw another pillow and the girls started an ongoing pillow fight.’
    • ‘Casey laughed and hit him in the face with her pillow, which started a pillow fight.’
    • ‘Knocking the stuffing out of each other may also set a record if Oregon State University students are recognized for what they hope was the largest pillow fight in history.’
    • ‘Well, needless to say, that triggered a pillow fight that lasted for 10 minutes until Nick pulled me down and started kissing me.’
    • ‘Lee finally asks, giving up on the second-rate pillow fight.’
    • ‘I told her, ‘Oh no, you did not just challenge me to a pillow fight.’’
    • ‘A pillow fight began and continued until around midnight, when everyone had gotten out all of their extra pent-up energy.’