Significado de pilot house en en Inglés

pilot house


another term for wheelhouse (sense 1)
‘The head of the city's transportation department says a crew member testified that the captain was not near the pilot house when the ferry crashed, as his lawyer has alleged.’
  • ‘He will likely face questions about whether he was in the pilot house with Smith at the time of the crash.’
  • ‘Scanning the boat from that distance she made out David's visible mark of identification coming out from the pilot house to the cockpit.’
  • ‘‘Lieutenant Braddock, please report to the pilot house,’ the internal address system announced.’
  • ‘While it has two salon/lounges and a separate sun deck/bar, the Dancer has only a small sitting area above its main deck around the pilot house.’
  • ‘Jim reached for the hatch that led to the pilot house.’
  • ‘Six sensors provide 240 degrees of IR imagery to three displays in the pilot house of the vessel.’
  • ‘Duke moved to the pilot house armed with a flashlight and a revolver with only three rounds.’