Meaning of Pinay in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpɪnʌɪ/


  • A woman of Filipino origin or descent; a Filipina.

    ‘I asked a fellow Pinay what she thought’
    • ‘Caught between her physical appearance and her racial identity as a mixed-race Pinay, Lynda must negotiate the double-edged sword of her whiteness and its significance within US racial formations.’
    • ‘Many of the Filipinas who migrate to Germany are Pinay in search of the so-called "good life."’
    • ‘Near Christmas day of 1994 we were blessed by a Pinay from Heaven.’
    • ‘While most Filipino American artists have yet to register on American culture's radar screen, one Pinay has single-handedly redefined and influenced American popular culture for over twenty years.’
    • ‘I do think that my influences of growing up an American-born Pinay and reading mostly western narratives as a student and then being a child in a Filipino household where all the adults around me were oral storytellers has made me a hybrid of these worlds.’
    • ‘I have met many Pinays at writers' conferences that have said that it was the first time in their literary lives that they could see themselves in a work of literature when they read your book.’
    • ‘Pinoys were heavily over-represented compared to Pinays in Hawaii and on the mainland.’
    • ‘There's another Pinay in the beauty contest.’
    • ‘I sometimes hear from other Pinays that my work is too "painful" to read, or "too hard" to teach, and I interpret these statements as lines being drawn, the opposite of community.’
    • ‘i might create a site for pinoys and pinays.’