Meaning of pinball in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpɪnbɔːl/

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mass noun
  • A game in which small metal balls are shot across a sloping board and score points by striking various targets.

    ‘games of pinball’
    • ‘a pinball machine’
    • ‘He shouted at her over the beeps and dings of pinball machines and video games, pointing toward the back.’
    • ‘With six floors it covers everything from pinball machines to video games.’
    • ‘Other residents lost a collection of old board games, pinball machines, vintage clothes and old books.’
    • ‘The cars never see the inside of a garage, because you wouldn't notice them there and because the garage is full of archaic games and pinball machines.’
    • ‘And while you play pinball you have another game playing together.’
    • ‘Earlier this month Sega said it was planning to merge with Sammy Corporation, a maker of pinball gaming machines and software.’
    • ‘The game is part pinball, part fast-moving Sonic-esque adventure in which the pinballs can be made to jump to collect gold coins.’
    • ‘What's more, he keeps on bringing up some stupid pinball game on the computer so that I can't see the map properly.’
    • ‘A quick tour of the camp turned up more cute boys than we could count, and a pinball machine in the game room.’
    • ‘Competing against a friend to see who can wrack up the highest score is what makes pinball fun.’
    • ‘I yelled while trying to score something on the stupid pinball machine.’
    • ‘Sammy is famous for making pachinko machines, which are apparently a cross between a slot machine and pinball.’
    • ‘The mechanics, look and gameplay of pinball are pretty limited.’
    • ‘They vandalized the arcade and 40 pinball machines and injured six security personnel guarding the arcade.’
    • ‘I doubt that it would have gotten as much play time if it was some run-of-the-mill pinball machine with a generic theme.’
    • ‘We strolled around through the flashing, neon lights and loud pinball machines.’
    • ‘Once we had this cool old pinball machine that some old guy named Clancy left.’
    • ‘Jared and Jake where in an intense game of pool while Mike was playing with the pinball machine when I walked in.’
    • ‘If Gina wouldn't go there was always someone else willing to hang out and watch me play pinball with me instead of going home.’
    • ‘This is also a good movie because your parents can go out to the lobby, play pinball and then come back without losing the plot.’