Meaning of pinboard in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpɪŋbɔːd/


  • A board covered with cork and fixed to a wall so that messages and pictures can be pinned on to it for display.

    ‘A pinboard on the wall of his grandparents' kitchen proudly displays his drawings of army vehicles and a US flag.’
    • ‘The Breightmet primary school has been undergoing a revamp and when the caretaker took down a pinboard from a wall he discovered the signatures of the men who built the school back in 1951.’
    • ‘I was struck by the similarity of displays on many of their office pinboards.’
    • ‘We also make pinboards, laundry bags and screens.’
    • ‘Another colleague kept a list on her pinboard which read: ‘Learn Spanish.’’
    • ‘It's back, therefore, to doing some odd jobs such as emailing people, tidying my pinboard and creating the bibliography for my thesis.’
    • ‘The kitchen now has a smoke blanket, the study has a pinboard, clock and smoke alarm, and the window handle in the bathroom is no longer falling out of the frame.’
    • ‘They curl away from the drawing pins on the pinboard.’
    • ‘I posted a couple of days ago that Amy thought my room was too masculine, and had attempted to feminise it by pinning a coloured bag to my pinboard.’