Meaning of pincer movement in English:

pincer movement


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  • 1A movement by two separate bodies of troops converging on the enemy.

    ‘allied forces swept into the town from the south in a pincer movement’
    • ‘The report said that two American Division companies had caught the battalion in a pincer movement, killing 128 enemy soldiers.’
    • ‘As was anticipated by his generals and political commissars, the result was that hundreds of thousands of Soviet troops were trapped in a German pincer movement.’
    • ‘The favoured tactic involved the division of Frankish troops into two forces as they entered enemy territory, enabling a pincer movement.’
    • ‘Correspondents embedded with US troops said a pincer movement, supported by air power, began on Thursday morning, local time, with the aim of trapping the insurgents in their hide-outs.’
    • ‘Forming a giant pincer movement, Homma planned to meet and destroy American forces on the central plain of Luzon.’
    • ‘The pincer movement on property owners, which was not mentioned in the Party's general election manifesto, is a blow to pensioners and working people saving for their retirement.’
    • ‘She added that it was perfectly obvious that the British Army would be caught by a pincer movement and made no secret of her delight in what was happening.’
    • ‘Midsize companies can't cope in the digital economy, because they're caught in a pincer movement between specialization on the one hand and global reach on the other.’
    • ‘Sport was caught in a pincer movement between the Eastern bloc sport-is-power mentality and the American body-building gyms and the lust for self-improvement by any means.’
    • ‘It has been caught by a pincer movement of increasing claims and falling stock markets.’
    • ‘The US Military says the losses are likely the result of the pincer movement they're applying to the insurgent safe havens in the area.’
    • ‘American marines and soldiers seem to be carrying out a pincer movement, pressing insurgents ever farther south in intense fighting.’
    • ‘Of the two arms of the European pincer movement on Asia in the late eighteenth century, the Russians overland and the British by sea, the British were to have by far the greater impact.’
    • ‘The future of the traditional high street pharmacy is threatened by the pincer movement of industrialised warehouse dispensing and the supermarket pharmacy.’
    • ‘I advise that we attack in a classic pincer movement once he is closer.’
    • ‘The Viking army, led by Harald Hardrada of Norway, charged into battle and trapped the English in a pincer movement.’
    • ‘The supertanker's safe passage is now being threatened by two very deep icebergs coming towards it in a pincer movement.’
    • ‘The idea was that the Allied units would then move against Trondheim itself in a pincer movement.’
    • ‘The rise of Volkisch ideology expressed the fears of peasants, artisans and landowners squeezed between the pincer movements of the bourgeoisie and the working class.’
    • ‘With pincer movements from the north and south, the city could be encircled and under siege within months.’
    1. 1.1Used in reference to a situation involving pressure from two different sides or forces.
      • ‘we are now caught in the pincer movement of rising domestic costs and a rising exchange rate’