Meaning of pinch point in English:

pinch point

Pronunciation /ˈpɪntʃ ˌpɔɪnt/


  • A place or point where congestion occurs or is likely to occur, especially on a road.

    ‘the transport secretary has set out plans to ease traffic jams at ninety-two pinch points’
    • ‘Castle Street is the pinch point of the local traffic flows, with an average 33,000 vehicles per day at the western end of the A63 corridor, rising to 54,000 on the street itself.’
    • ‘That spot becomes a pinch point, especially when traffic builds up,’ he said.’
    • ‘Follow Castle Drive around point past Coastguard Station to next car park just beyond the pinch point in the road.’
    • ‘The plans include the installation of a pinch point in the part of the lane that can take only one car and the widening of the pavement at the junction with North Street.’
    • ‘Bill Wood, area transport manager with the county council said currently the approach to the pinch point was uphill and loaded trucks starting from rest had to change through several gears causing significant noise.’
    • ‘The pinch point between the two barns could be improved and the 40 mph speed limit could be enforced more strongly.’
    • ‘These measures, over a half-mile stretch of road, include road humps, rumble strips, pinch points, mini-roundabouts, traffic tables and reflectors at a staggering cost of £160,000 to taxpayers.’
    • ‘The alternatives to the humps are road narrowing and pinch points, slaloms, islands or alternating one way.’
    • ‘We have fewer roads, as road space has been removed by narrowing, pinch points, wider pavements, pedestrianisation, bus lanes, and the downgrading of some roads.’
    • ‘Likewise, it can offer some flexibility to drop and add wavelengths dynamically at more remote sites throughout a network, changing traffic capacity and patterns at network pinch points on the fly.’
    • ‘There are several sharp bends and pinch points, including Muingerroon South Bridge, Glenturk Mor, Glenturk Beg and Cloontakilla, where there is a weak bridge structure.’
    • ‘Particularly bad are the pinch points at the bottom of Lode Hill, but the whole stretch between Lode Hill and the shops in The Borough is in an appalling state.’
    • ‘There are a series of pinch points in the town centre particularly around 2am on Sunday when a number of premises close and you have a large number of people on the streets at the same time.’
    • ‘For example, emergency vehicles can gain access to areas where it was difficult or impossible previously, and buses running to better time due to pinch points being enforced.’
    • ‘It's one of the major pinch points in the country which features daily on AA Roadwatch.’
    • ‘Swindon Council has started work on installing a 20 mph zone on the estate, which will include a series of pinch points, raised cushions, speed tables and 20 mph gateway markings.’
    • ‘If we can improve the pinch points where air quality is at its worst in the city centre then that has to be better for everyone.’
    • ‘The mayor will not contemplate a single track at any of the pinch points because people will get irritated if they have to wait for more than a few seconds.’
    • ‘I follow this stream through the village, but stop to wait the cars coming the other way to clear the pinch points, instead of pushing through behind the others as the cars ahead have done.’
    • ‘Indeed, the promoters cite the fact that they have to drive slowly over the humps - something they wouldn't need to do with pinch points presumably.’