Meaning of pinchpenny in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpɪn(t)ʃpɛni/


usually as modifier
  • A miserly person.

    ‘a pinchpenny watchdog of public spending’
    • ‘In Morocco, on a pinchpenny budget of $6 million, the film director recreated a Palestine of sere deserts and balding meadows.’
    • ‘Adhering to pinchpenny rules laid down by his boss, pulp tycoon A.A. Wyn, he would pay $1200-1500 for a full novel, $500-750 for a shorter one that would be printed as half of an Ace Double.’
    • ‘Any habitué of the modern musical, where so many shows look stripped-down, underpopulated, pinchpenny, will get a thrill simply to see 50 people on a Broadway stage.’
    • ‘What are the his employment policies in an infamously pinchpenny and corner-cutting sector of the health industry?’
    • ‘In the end I ignored them all and reasoned that it could be some kind of horrible prank and I would be shamed nationwide as a thieving pinchpenny.’
    • ‘Miser Jammy, as we all knew, was crabby miserable pinchpenny who lived alone in that wretched run down house on the outskirts of the town.’
    penny-pincher, pinchpenny, niggard, cheese-parer, Scrooge