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pinhole camera


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  • A camera with a pinhole aperture and no lens.

    ‘Not only do I refer to film, but to the forefather of the pinhole camera, the camera obscura, an imaging device from the Renaissance whose practices and traditions predate moving pictures on celluloid by 300 years.’
    • ‘An idea came out of these discussions that what would be really cool: a repurposed digicam that has a larger chip but modified to work as a pinhole camera by removing the lens.’
    • ‘The Omniscope is a pinhole camera that produces anamorph images.’
    • ‘He uses a truck as a gigantic pinhole camera and has the image projected on colour negative paper.’
    • ‘I actually prefer to use colour film with the pinhole camera because it just looks so nice.’
    • ‘The other weekend I took some pinhole camera pictures of Brighton beach using my zeroimage pinhole camera.’
    • ‘In order to avoid the distortions of reality that lenses produce, Strindberg often used a lensless pinhole camera of his own construction.’
    • ‘His experiment was the first scientific description of the ‘camera obscura’ (dark room), the principle behind the pinhole camera.’
    • ‘He gave a number of arguments to support this claim, the most persuasive being the camera obscura, or pinhole camera.’
    • ‘For his part, Abelardo Morell blackens all the windows in a room with a thick covering, usually black vinyl, leaving only a pinhole opening, to transform the interior into a giant pinhole camera.’
    • ‘He even made a giant pinhole camera out of a fridge and photographed its contents.’
    • ‘As the film opens, Hasegawa is sitting on a crowded street in Shibuya, taking voyeuristic shots with the pinhole camera he has sitting at his feet.’
    • ‘She uses mirrors to create the illusion of space, and builds a dwarf pinhole camera that blends in to the setting, in order to take a photograph inside this ‘room.’’
    • ‘I've always been excited to see just what my pinhole camera will do, with a certain amount of help from those sources beyond my conscious faculties, for I never fully know what's going to be in the image.’
    • ‘As a system of creating cinema, the pinhole camera and macrophones record familiar, everyday sights and sounds, but transform them into a new, astonishing mode of perception.’
    • ‘Technology has advanced to such an extent that a pinhole camera could be placed almost anywhere, to follow and record the actions of individuals, without their realizing that they are under surveillance.’
    • ‘At first glance, the cover looks like one of those neat tricks you can pull with an oatmeal carton and electric tape: a picture taken with a pinhole camera - old school style.’
    • ‘Why would an artist bother using something as ‘outdated’ and ‘low-tech’ as a pinhole camera?’
    • ‘The device also incorporates a pinhole camera which records the cardholder inputting his or her personal identification number.’
    • ‘The first edition of Magia Naturalis was published in Naples in 1558 and included a description of a pinhole camera, in terms very similar to Leonardo's account.’