Meaning of Pinoy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpɪnɔɪ/


  • Relating to the Philippines or the Filipinos.

    ‘a Pinoy dish’
    • ‘his Pinoy friends’
    • ‘Edna Weisser's "London Boys and Other Filipinos" ponders the fate of Pinoy English at the hands of the British.’
    • ‘They all appeared to be relatively new bands that suffered from a lack of tightness at times, but for the crowd, Pinoy pride mattered more than perfect performance.’
    • ‘There are very few Pinoy bands that I like, and Bamboo is one of them.’
    • ‘There's no Pinoy filmmaker which has a strong enough commercial identity that Filipinos flock to his film when they see his name in the marquee.’
    • ‘At this point am I allowed to say anything about Pinoy common sense?’
    • ‘I'm always happy when a Pinoy movie beats out its Hollwood rivals.’
    • ‘I wrote an article for the newly launched Pinoy Expat E-zine.’
    • ‘That's Pinoy optimism!’
    • ‘For the kids a Pinoy party is the perfect opportunity to show their cousins and friends how much improved their otso-otso and spaghetti song dance moves have become.’
    • ‘Do I look Pinoy?’

nounplural noun Pinoy, plural noun Pinoys

  • A person of Filipino origin or descent; a Filipino.

    ‘the team was met by local officials and fellow Pinoys wanting to lend their support’
    • ‘When you marry a Pinoy, you don't just marry your partner: you marry their whole family too!’
    • ‘The boycott was in response to a Japanese-American man's attempt to annul the marriage between his daughter and a Pinoy.’
    • ‘The plot centers around the Aberdeen, Washington, strike of lumber and shipping workers, including a Pinoy named Mario.’
    • ‘That made sense to the Pinoy, so he followed the advice and left.’
    • ‘As this work recounts the bitter return of a young Pinoy, Mariano, to his family in the Philippines, it links the trafficking of "third world" women to the international labor market.’
    • ‘This true nationalism means the pride of being a Pinoy which grows in strength the farther and longer one is away.’
    • ‘No matter how much they deny their Filipinoness, they're still Pinoys in the eyes of the Americans.’
    • ‘Some of these Pinoys "were American citizens then, after they served in the U.S. Navy".’
    • ‘Hundreds flocked to witness the boisterous parade of Pinoys dressed in native attire and sports uniforms and sampled the delicious and well-loved Filipino food and delicacies.’