Meaning of Pinyin in English:


Pronunciation /pɪnˈjɪn/

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mass noun
  • The standard system of romanized spelling for transliterating Chinese.

    ‘The transliteration used is the standard Pinyin as formally adopted by China in 1979.’
    • ‘Folk transcriptions of Chinese by English speakers tend to be like Pinyin in this respect.’
    • ‘The use of Pinyin poses problems of distinguishing homographs, as in the 24 etymologically unrelated forms spelt lian.’
    • ‘As far as I know, President Chen Shui-bian supports Hanyu Pinyin.’
    • ‘A good example is the word ‘gold’ which is ‘kim’ in Korean, ‘kin’ in Taiwanese-Hokkien and ‘jin’ in Pinyin.’


1960s from Chinese pīn-yīn, literally ‘spell-sound’.