Meaning of pirk in English:


Pronunciation /pəːk/


  • A metal weight fitted with a hook, used as a lure for sea fishing.

    ‘Even when baiting a treble or single hook on a pirk, it's worth adding a luminous muppet to add further movement at hook level.’
    • ‘Today much is made in the way of lures to attract fish and these include pirks for deep-sea fishing, flies for trout, salmon and grayling, plugs and spinners for pike, salmon, bass, cod and flounders.’
    • ‘If you tip the pirk with a side of mackerel or a strip of squid think about removing the treble hook and fitting a large single hook.’
    • ‘Expensive chromed plated pirks such as the ‘Norwegian banana ‘through to simple pirks made from lead filled pipe have all caught huge amounts of fish over a lot of years.’’
    • ‘A pirk and a couple of muppets worked through a shoal of cod will usually produce the goods.’


Perhaps a variant of perch, perch.