Meaning of piroshki in English:


Pronunciation /pɪˈrɒʃki/

plural noun

(also pirozhki)
  • Small Russian savoury pastries or patties, filled with meat or fish and rice.

    ‘But interspersed throughout are full-flavored Eastern European daily specials like pojarski (ground-chicken patties), and Russian borscht served with savory beef pirozhki.’
    • ‘The use of buckwheat, horseradish, and potatoes gives Tatar cuisine a quasi-Russian appearance, and Tatar samosas are made with a puffy dough, like the Russian pirozhki.’
    • ‘The piroshki, a small Russian pastry filled with vegetables, was light and very moreish.’
    • ‘Variations of these popular half moons, also called pirozhki, are found throughout other regions including the Ukraine and Russia.’
    • ‘Blini are small crêpes served with different types of fillings; pirozhki are fried rolls that usually have a meat or vegetable filling.’


From Russian pirozhki, plural of pirozhok, diminutive of pirog (see pirog).