Meaning of pirri in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpɪri/


  • An Aboriginal leaf-shaped engraving tool made of stone or quartz.

    ‘the pirris from both archaeological sites were made from local stone’
    • ‘A variety of points were encountered, some resembling untrimmed pirris.’
    • ‘The site has yielded pirris and other points.’
    • ‘The possibility is that the pirri served as a general purpose tool.’
    • ‘This rather short squat example may really be an atypical engraver, only resembling a pirri by chance.’
    • ‘The spearhead has potential for penetration and wounding, for which purposes the pirri would be ineffective.’
    • ‘The find confirmed the relative antiquity of pirris.’
    • ‘At first glance it may be difficult to distinguish a pirri graver from a small scraper.’
    • ‘It was the pirri tool which gave its name to the Pirrian culture.’
    • ‘If found overseas, many pirris would be described as arrowheads.’
    • ‘This artefact possesses the characteristics of a pirri point.’


Late 19th century from Arabana (an Aboriginal language) birri ‘fingernail’, extended to refer to any pointed object.