Meaning of piscine in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpɪs(k)ʌɪn/


  • Of or concerning fish.

    ‘The mystery of fish slumber lies within the greater mystery of the piscine mind.’
    • ‘Three summers ago, there were so many insects that piscine sumptuary laws could have been declared.’
    • ‘But that could be difficult for the piscine inhabitants of Yorkshire rivers these dark, cold December nights.’
    • ‘Viewing this piscine cornucopia, Baldwin was struck with the thought, ‘There's so much here every day.’’
    • ‘The balloonfish swallows air, when attacked by avian predators, or water, when attacked by piscine predators.’
    fishlike, piscine, of fish


Late 17th century from late Latin piscinus, adjective, or from Latin piscis ‘fish’ + -ine.