Meaning of piscine in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpɪsʌɪn/


  • Of or concerning fish.

    ‘The mystery of fish slumber lies within the greater mystery of the piscine mind.’
    • ‘Three summers ago, there were so many insects that piscine sumptuary laws could have been declared.’
    • ‘But that could be difficult for the piscine inhabitants of Yorkshire rivers these dark, cold December nights.’
    • ‘Viewing this piscine cornucopia, Baldwin was struck with the thought, ‘There's so much here every day.’’
    • ‘The balloonfish swallows air, when attacked by avian predators, or water, when attacked by piscine predators.’
    fishlike, piscine, of fish


Late 18th century from Latin piscis ‘fish’ + -ine.