Meaning of pisher in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpɪʃə/


informal, derogatory North American
  • An insignificant or contemptible person.

    • ‘Of course, this guy makes them all seem like pishers.’
    • ‘Unlike those pishers, Emerson actually reported her stories, even going so far as to risk her life in war-zones like Vietnam and Gaza.’
    • ‘Vowing to get the little pisher back, they resort to exploiting Cartman's recent rendezvous with a spacecraft to contact the creatures and save Kyle's sibling.’
    • ‘I was just a pisher - a 22-year-old kid from Brooklyn - and my record was on top!’
    • ‘And I don't wanna get whacked ‘cause some little pisher wanted to play cops 'n' robbers, know what I mean?’’
    insignificant person, nobody, nonentity, non-person, gnat, insect, cipher, pygmy


1940s Yiddish, literally ‘pisser’, from the verb pissen.