Meaning of pisiform in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpɪsɪfɔːm/


(also pisiform bone)
  • A small rounded carpal bone situated where the palm of the hand meets the outer edge of the wrist and articulating with the triquetral.

    ‘The motor branch to the hypothenar muscles separates from the main ulnar nerve just distal to the pisiform at the wrist.’
    • ‘The nerve recombined also beyond the tendon and was subject to compression, proximal to the pisiform bone.’
    • ‘The flexor carpi ulnaris inserts on the pisiform.’
    • ‘The slip is sometimes joined or replaced by a muscular fasciculus arising from, or in the neighborhood of, the pisiform bone.’
    • ‘Passing through the cubital region, it descends to the pisiform region proximal to the palm and enters the palm.’


Mid 18th century (as adjective): from modern Latin pisiformis ‘pea-shaped’, from Latin pisum ‘pea’ + forma ‘shape’.